Comfortable Breathable Women's Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

$69.54 $34.72

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These shoes are suitable for any daily used, such as a long time standing work, walking, casual, floor shoes, plantar fasciitis, nursing, fishing, gardening, dress, shopping, travel, driving, jazz, tap dance, street jazz, ballet, folk dance, Zumba, athletic, workout.

1. Super comfortable for walking; it is very light; one can easily speed walk with these shoes.
2. It has some arching support that toe does not give pain feeling while working.
3. Its mesh fabric allows feet to breathe through, so sweaty feet would not make the shoes wet any more.
4. It is easy to slip on and off; no worry about tie-up shoes.
5. It has a medium level high heel shoe effect and a higher shoe base that make you feel a little taller and you can walk on raining or muddy road in city street without getting your shoes wet.