Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty
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Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty

Beauty is everywhere and you can not get away with it. Be it a magazine, television, cinema, etc., you will find it everywhere and everyone is obsessed with it. Today I will talk about two types of beauty one is inner beauty and other is outer beauty. Outer beauty pleases eye whereas inner beauty pleases the heart. Outer beauty is something that people notice in you first. Inner beauty makes you different from others and it lasts longer. Meanwhile, the meaning of beauty varies from person to person if I like someone that does not necessarily mean that another person will also like it.

  1. The inner beauty of a person with a course of time starts reflecting on outer beauty. Inner beauty is self-sufficient whereas with outer beauty there has to be inner beauty. It is very important to cultivate inner beauty to look beautiful. Without inner beauty, it is very hard to maintain good relationships with others. It is a myth that outer beauty makes you feel good, actually, it is your inner beauty which makes you confident and look good. People give lots of time to outer beauty, instead of that, we should invest more time on inner beauty.
  2. There are many techniques with the help of which a person can alter her outer beauty but inner beauty is something we are born with it. So the alteration of inner beauty is not possible. A skilled plastic surgeon can make you beautiful but he can not change your anger, rudeness. Inner beauty does not always correspond with outer beauty. In general, if you ask about the beauty they will describe you the perfect physical appearance. It is very sad to see people only take care of their outer beauty, they forget the fact that our body is just a vessel real beauty is in the vessel.
  3. Inner beauty is just being the way you are. It comes to one’s behavior like the way you treat others which include your family members, house help and others. Whereas if we only rely upon outer beauty, which vanishes during the course of time will and they will leave with true character. Outer beauty changes with the course of time but inner beauty remains with us till our last breath. We spend a major part of our lives with inner beauty so we should always take care of our inner beauty.
  4. Inner beauty is the permanent form of beauty, it can not be manufactured. It will be the same in any case. Outer beauty is the temporary form of beauty, alteration is possible in this form of beauty. It’s definitely okay to be proud of your outer beauty, but don’t get it wrong- It’s not as important as the beauty that we hold inside of us.
  5. Inner beauty plays a very important role when it comes to building a relationship. People attract a person with good heart and polite behavior.

Now besides the above listed points, this is also a fact the outer beauty is something that comes into notice first. If you are walking on the street and see a good looking person with very stylish clothes, we do notice it without knowing his inner beauty. In the modeling world, we hardly see not so good looking model, companies hire beautiful girls. Inner beauty may not be recognized in a short span of time, but after acceptance, it plays a very crucial role in building relationships. So both inner and outer beauty has different significance and both are important.

by Smita Kumari

Smita Kumari

I am an enthusiastic fashion geek and love to follow the trends and physiology behind it.

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